Project Write-up

My Project Proposal

When I originally composed my project proposal, I wanted to do a blog about yoga. I had a plan to discuss different poses and talk about the history of yoga in relation to how we practice yoga today, and I named it “Namaste Up North”. However, upon my very first post about Hatha-style yoga, I realized that I didn’t have a lot to say about yoga, at least, certainly not enough to create three long posts each week. From that point, I decided to change my topic to my other passion, beauty. I deleted my yoga blog and started fresh, quickly beginning my new project by searching for inspiration from my current favorite beauty bloggers. I also spent several days trying to think of a creative name for the blog. Many beauty blogs that I follow on social media have fairly unoriginal names — All Beauty by Sarah, Beauty by Gabbie, etc. I decided that for this project, I wanted an artsy, unique name. I eventually decided on Pure Bliss Beauty; I like the alliteration and flow of the name, and it gave the blog an edge that others didn’t have.

I thought it was important that my project was in blog-form instead of a wiki-form. My idea was that I wanted my project to be a personal journey, but one that others could learn from. Also, I think Jeanna said it best in her project write-up when she said “I’m still not as comfortable with wiki as a thing yet”. And since I wanted to be fairly comfortable with my project platform, I decided against the wiki.

Along with my research, I decided to do three weekly posts — one about a certain hairstyle, one about a makeup look, and one about an outfit. I chose this format because it seemed simple and easy to follow, yet with a little variety in my posts. Within the first week, I had come to a realization: I never style my hair. I have naturally long, blonde, straight hair, and half of my head is shaved. That is basically my entire hairstyle, I rarely braid, curl or spend any time doing my hair. That’s when I decided that I didn’t have nearly enough material to write a 300-word post about hair. During the first week of my beauty blog, I decided to change that to beauty reviews, in which I buy a product (hair mask, nail polish, a new lipstick) and talk about it, discussing price, quality and generally how I feel about the product. 

I was a little worried about my blog, mostly about how successful it would be. I thought that if no one viewed or liked my blog posts I would have no motivation to keep creating good content and ideas. However, I was also excited for this project because blogging has always seemed enjoyable to me, and I was really hoping that beauty blogging was going to be as fun and fulfilling as it looked.

Getting Used to My Blog Settings

After all these changes I made to my blog, I started to feel more comfortable with the project. Once I had the theme of my blog prepared, I started checking out the settings and different features. I linked my social media sites to the homepage, and changed the fonts and backgrounds. After about a week, I decided to try adding tags to my posts in an attempt to get more views. I added tags such as “beauty”, “makeup” and“fashion”, and I noticed a huge difference. I began looking at my statistics every day to see how many views, likes and comments my posts were getting. During the first week, I was getting just one or two views, but as the project progressed, my posts were being viewed over twenty times — some even as much as forty to fifty times. As a result of getting more views, I was also starting to see an increase in “likes”. I even started getting comments on my posts from other beauty blogs. Soon, the most fulfilling part of having a blog was checking my statistics to see how many views, likes and comments my posts were getting.

Things I Would Change

One thing that became clear to me early on is that I tended it get several more likes on makeup posts than outfit or review posts. I have two theories to possibly explain this. The first one is that I am better at doing my makeup than picking attractive outfits. I believe this is true because I don’t wear the most conventional clothes, and everyone has their own personal style. My second theory is that people are more interested in how to do makeup because they most likely have the materials to create similar makeup-looks at home. People may want to copy the makeup from my posts, but I highly doubt that people are going to purchase the exact outfit that I am wearing in a post. Personally, when I look at other beauty blogs, I am always much more interested in their makeup posts than their fashion posts. In fact, if I could do my blog over again, I would eliminate the outfit portion, and have the entire blog focused on makeup and beauty reviews.

Towards the middle of March, I decided to try to (once again) increase views. I thought that a good way to do so was to create an Instagram page for my blog. I named it I created a custom profile picture using an app called “Phonto”, and I added a link to my blog on the biography. However, I only ended up posting four pictures. My first picture received seventeen likes, but my next three posts got only 5-7 likes. I really don’t know why this is because I added similar hashtags to each of my posts. I also only had three followers, and two of them were my mom and sister…

After getting so few likes and followers, I decided to stop posting. I hadn’t noticed a spike in blog post views after publishing my Instagram posts, so I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t worth it to run both the Instagram account and the blog. This is another thing I would change — I would either fully commit to my Instagram, posting several times a day in an attempt to increase blog views, or I would ditch the idea altogether, solely focusing on my blog platform.

Things That Went Well

The most exciting part of my blog journey was the last week of the project. This is because, one day when I checked my statistics, I noticed that I can check what countries my views were coming from. I had over 300 views from people in Canada and the U.S. However, I also had views from Australia, France, Qatar, Denmark, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Guam, Ireland, Poland, Colombia, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, India, and Nigeria. It was so exciting to see that people from all over the world were seeing my posts — and it wasn’t always just one or two people from each country. I had 11 views from France, 18 from Australia, and 53 from the U.K. Knowing that people from different countries were seeing my blog made everything worth it; I always thought that the only views I was getting were from my classmates and my grandma. I believe that adding tags to my posts is what caused them to get so many views from all over the place.

What Changed and What Didn’t

The most changes to my blog occurred towards the beginning of the project. As I explained earlier, I changed the entire theme of my blog from yoga to beauty. Soon after that, I changed the format of my posts to eliminate hair posts and add beauty review posts. Those were by far my two largest changes. As for everything else, it seemed to pretty much stay the same. As time went by, I noticed that some of my posts were much more viewed and liked than others; I have already discussed how my makeup posts tended to be more popular.  My most popular post was a makeup post: Makeup of the Week – Stardust, which was published on April 7th. It received 44 views, 20 likes and a comment.

Another I changed about my blog was the beauty reviews. On April 16th, I chose to do a beauty blogger Q&A instead of doing a review. The reason I made this decision is because I was browsing through beauty blogs one day, and I found a beauty blogger Q&A done by The Beauty Section . It looked interesting and fun, so I picked out my favorite questions and used them for my post. The Q&A ended up being a success — the post got 21 views, 12 likes and a comment. I thought that doing the Q&A was a fun way to take a break from my fairly monotonous posting routine. 

The final change I made to my blog was the last makeup post, Makeup of the Week – everyday makeup routine with pictures. After doing the studio tours project, I noticed a comment from a classmate saying that my makeup posts weren’t step-by-step, they were just basically posts about what makeup products I use. I had tried to create depth within my makeup posts, but most beauty bloggers are actually vloggers with YouTube channels, allowing them to do a full tutorial and step-by-step. That is when I realized that I wanted to change the format of my makeup posts, even though there was only a week left of the project. For the post, I did my regular makeup routine, but took pictures along the way of my face and the products I used. I ended up being fairly happy with the way the post turned out, and if I could start the whole project over, I would do that for all my makeup posts.

Wrapping it up

In the end, I had a really interesting time managing the blog. In the end, I had 26 followers and a total of 529 blog views. However, even more important than the views is how much I learned about blogging — and more specifically, beauty blogging. Throughout the project I learned about settings, statistics, and what my followers want to see in my posts. In fact, I have even decided to continue posting to Pure Bliss Beauty even though the project is over. One of the reasons I felt that my blog was successful is because of how popular beauty has become. There are so many successful beauty blogs out there that, ironically, there are actually blog posts about the best beauty blogs. There are beauty blogs with hundreds of thousands of followers, because young people are fascinated with beauty trends and style. My hope for the future is to learn more about what makes beauty blogs successful, and to continue my blogging journey…


Weekly Reflection

This week was a great last week for my blog. After reading my Studio Tour comments, I realized that, while I do a set-by-step instruction for my weekly makeup look, I haven’t done a step-by-step with pictures yet. So, this week I did a picture post for my makeup look, using mostly photos of my makeup transformation. It added depth to my post and it was a great way to give my makeup posts a little change-up.

For my weekly review, I did a post about the false eyelashes I wear, using comparison posts and describing the brand, price, and why I liked the lashes. For my outfit, I did a tropical inspired look for summer. I used tags on my posts to create more traffic on my blog, and I got several likes on each post of this week.

Another thing that happened this week is that I learned how to tell who was looking at my blog, based on where they live. For a while I’ve only been getting views from America and Canada, but this week I got a view from Australia and another one from the Philippines!

Overall, it was a good week. I tried new things for my last week and I think it really paid off.

Here is what I worked on this week:

Review of the Week

Makeup of the Week

Outfit of the Week

Birthdays and Blogging

Hey blog, it’s been a while. Well, today is my 19th birthday — I spent it alone, eating pasta and taking naps on this rainy (and even a little bit snowy) day. It doesn’t feel any different being 19, except for it fills me with even more anxiety knowing that this is my official last year of teenage-dom. Well, here I am, my last year of being a teenager, and I’m completely barren of things teenagers are supposed to have. Friends, anticipation, a carefree nature.

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Weekly Reflection

This week was another good week for my blog. I am starting to really enjoy the topics I’m blogging about.

I have been getting a couple comments from other beauty blogs on my posts and I love seeing this because it’s cool to know that people are actually seeing my blog.

This week is the studio tours assignment which I’m looking forward to because I haven’t had a lot of time to check in with other people’s blogs, and I’m excited to see what others have been doing with theirs.

Here’s what I worked on this week:

outfit of the week

review of the week

makeup of the week

Weekly Reflection

This week has definitely been my best week so far on my blog. I blogged three times this week, attempting to bring more depth to my posts in order to make them more interesting. I am doing well with my new outline — a makeup look, an outfit and a beauty review. I have really started to develop my blog’s style and it’s going well.

I’ve also created an Instagram account to try to gain more publicity for my blog. You can find it by clicking on the Instagram icon on the front page of Pure Bliss Beauty.

As of now, I have 16 followers (most of which are other beauty bloggers) and a few of my posts have over 10 likes. I love knowing that other beauty bloggers are seeing my posts due to the tags I add to the posts.

I’ve also tried to switch up my makeup looks to make them more unique – for example, this week I created a look originally done by a Instagram-famous girl who I follow.

Here is what I have worked on this week:

Makeup Look – Danielle

Charcoal Face Mask Review

Weekly Outfit – Spring

Reflection – Week 3

So far the blogging is going decently. I feel I have been posting sort of irregularly ever since changing my blog topic because I’ve just been trying to get content onto the page, so changing that is my resolution for this coming week. I plan to begin blogging 3 times a week beginning Tuesday. However, besides this issue, things are going really well and I am enjoying the blog and the topic.

barefoot makeup

lipstick review

Reflection – week 2

This week was interesting because I decided to change my blog topic. I had originally began a blog about yoga, but after just the first week I found it challenging to create enough content. So, I changed my topic to beauty, and I am now blogging over at Pure Bliss Beauty. I have been thinking about slightly changing my weekly posts; in my project proposal I said I would have 3 weekly posts — a makeup look, an outfit and a hairstyle. I have since realized that I almost NEVER do anything to my hair and I rarely style it. For that reason, I am planning on changing my weekly posts to: a makeup look, and outfit, and some sort of beauty-related product review.

Besides my issue of deciding to change my blog topic, I have been having a lot of fun with my blog. I discovered that I love beauty blogging and I love doing my makeup and putting together outfits.

Hope you all are doing just as well with your blogs!

Weekly Reflection – March 6

Hi everyone! This week was wild. I set up my blog, which is always fun (I love blogs). I took an embarrassing amount of time out of my life to try to come up with a catchy name for the blog. Finally, I made my first post, which is simply a “welcome to the blog” sort of post. I have also posted my first official yoga post which is the first in a series of “Types of Yoga” posts that I will be doing throughout this week (along with some other sorts of posts). I am very excited to be beginning this blog!

Work of the week:


Types of Yoga 1


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