Reflection – Week 3

So far the blogging is going decently. I feel I have been posting sort of irregularly ever since changing my blog topic because I’ve just been trying to get content onto the page, so changing that is my resolution for this coming week. I plan to begin blogging 3 times a week beginning Tuesday. However, besides this issue, things are going really well and I am enjoying the blog and the topic.

barefoot makeup

lipstick review

Reflection – week 2

This week was interesting because I decided to change my blog topic. I had originally began a blog about yoga, but after just the first week I found it challenging to create enough content. So, I changed my topic to beauty, and I am now blogging over at Pure Bliss Beauty. I have been thinking about slightly changing my weekly posts; in my project proposal I said I would have 3 weekly posts — a makeup look, an outfit and a hairstyle. I have since realized that I almost NEVER do anything to my hair and I rarely style it. For that reason, I am planning on changing my weekly posts to: a makeup look, and outfit, and some sort of beauty-related product review.

Besides my issue of deciding to change my blog topic, I have been having a lot of fun with my blog. I discovered that I love beauty blogging and I love doing my makeup and putting together outfits.

Hope you all are doing just as well with your blogs!

Weekly Reflection – March 6

Hi everyone! This week was wild. I set up my blog, which is always fun (I love blogs). I took an embarrassing amount of time out of my life to try to come up with a catchy name for the blog. Finally, I made my first post, which is simply a “welcome to the blog” sort of post. I have also posted my first official yoga post which is the first in a series of “Types of Yoga” posts that I will be doing throughout this week (along with some other sorts of posts). I am very excited to be beginning this blog!

Work of the week:


Types of Yoga 1


Wiki Reflection

I’m not super technologically advanced. So yes, it did take me a little while to warm up to the idea of wikis, especially when I had just began getting the hang of the whole “blog” thing. I’ve finally gotten used to how to create links and different headings and subheadings. I definitely like the aspect of how much research is required to add to a wiki. For a blog, the posts might just be your average day-to-day feelings or thoughts, but for a wiki you really have to research the topic. I learned quite a bit about commonplace books this weekend. I also touched on the subjects of ugliness and credibility in relation to wikis. Overall, this weeks assignment was challenging but rewarding, knowing that I was contributing to knowledge of different subjects.

My Wiki Work This Week

Putting the Pieces Together

After the past few days of researching the history blogs, learning what blogs are, and discovering the many reasons people blog, I can say that I feel I definitely have way more knowledge on blogs than I thought I would ever have.

I feel that I once was biased towards blogs. I thought they were somewhat pointless and — as I said in a previous post — sort of a glorified Twitter. However, now I understand that there are many different reasons people have blogs. Money, important causes and marketing and business, among other reasons; even blogs where people are just posting about their passions and interests are important because it allows other people to explore  new things, or even to connect with people who share their same interests.

Basically, after all the research, I have more of a respect for blogs, and I feel that they are actually very important in society for sharing ideas, experience or expertise.


Why Blog?

The Huffington Post Why Do People Blog? The Benefits of Blogging does a pretty good job of explaining the reasons people might blog. A lot of people criticize blogging, saying it’s just sort of a Twitter type of thing where you post about your feelings. However, this article proves that there are a lot of different potential reasons why people have blogs.

The article describes that blogs started off as “glorified online journals” but now, people use them to express themselves and share how they feel and what they are passionate about. So yes, this is the sort of blog where people post about their feelings and personal lives, but blog posts are often more refined, more interesting and more professional than Twitter posts. They can be longer, and they tend to be more edited.

More reasons why people blog according to the article are to expand writing skills, make money, market a business, or make a difference (politically, environmentally, etc.).

There were some reasons in this article that I didn’t think about before. The article helps to erase the stigma that blogs are just for journaling purposes.